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Decking:  Carefree and No See

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Carefree and No See

Key Features:
  • 1" x 6" grooved boards
  • Fasten from below with stainless clips
  • No pre-drilling or nailing
  • Brasilia comes in three colors
  • About $5.20 a square foot (2009)
  • Pricing as of 2009.
Ask For:
  • Brasilia grooved decking with Hideaway stainless fasteners
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by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com

Ah, there's nothing like sitting out on your deck and enjoying a fine spring day until you start noticing that it's really time to refinish the boards and sink a few nails that have loosened up over the winter.

So much for relaxing as you trudge off to the hardware store for supplies.

You never have to have such disturbing thoughts again with this decking and fastening system from Trex. A leading manufacturer of decking made of recycled plastic and sawdust, Trex partnered with Tiger Claw to develop a stainless steel fastener that provides a nail-free installation. That means no pre-drilling holes, no splitting and splintering, and no springtime maintenance.

The result is barefoot-smooth decking with no visible fasteners. The black stainless clips hold boards together from underneath. A start/stop clip is used on perimeter boards, while a connecter clip holds deck boards together.

The clips were designed to be used with the grooved boards of the Brasilia product line. The manufacturer offers a groove cutter that allows the fasteners to be used with other product lines.

Like all of Trex decking, Brasilia isn't affected by weather or insects and needs only annual washing.

The Brasilia line is available in three shades of brown that mimic mahogany. Use one color or combine the colors for patterns and designs. Colors will lighten slightly as Trex weathers.

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