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We've included listings for companies such as Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg. Co. and Craftsman Tools (Sears) inside our Hammers guide.

 Hammers - 8 companies:

Manufacturer - Sells Direct Through Website
Stanley Toolworks Profile
Leading manufacturer of hand tools and hardware for professionals and homeowners. Tools are available at most hardware and department stores.

Stanley Toolworks
1000 Stanley Drive
New Britain, CT 6050

Manufacturer - Website Lists Sales Outlets
Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg. Co. Profile
Founded in 1869 by Alexander Vaughan - and operated today by fourth and fifth generation family members - Vaughan & Bushnell is of the world's largest producers of high-end hammers and other hand tools such as pry bars, hatchets, saws, landscaping tools, hickory handles and construction tools.

Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg. Co.
11414 Maple Avenue
Hebron, IL 60034

Retailer - Sells Through Website and Physical Store
Craftsman Tools (Sears) Profile
Offered by Sears since 1926, Craftsman tools today include a full line of hand and power tools for the homeowners and pros alike.

Craftsman Tools (Sears)
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

Manufacturer - Website Lists Sales Outlets
Stiletto Profile
A maker of tools since the 1800s, Stiletto is best known today for its line of lightweight Titanium hammers.

6061 N. Winton Way
Winton, CA 95388

Manufacturer - Sells Direct Through Website
John Stortz & Son, Inc. Profile
Since 1853 and through five generations, this family of toolmakers has manufactured specialty tools from the same Philadelphia factory. Specialties include slate hammers, rippers and cutters; brick hammers and cutters; tile cutters; roofers' adzes; and tinners' hammers.

John Stortz & Son, Inc.
210 VINE ST.
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Manufacturer - Sells Direct Through Website
Elmer Roush Profile
Elmer specializes in the making of hand forged tools -- as he puts it, "high quality and finely finished tools as they were made by blacksmiths before the industrial revolution churned everything out from factories." He crafts dividers, calipers, early locks, kitchen utensils and broilers, plus "new old tools" that can be used today - adzes, hammers, billhooks and froes to name a few.

Elmer Roush
18 Waldroup Rd
Brasstown, NC 28902

Retailer - Sells Direct Through Website
Contractors Direct Profile
Online seller of a large selection of contractor-grade tools and equipment for tile, masonry and stone work.

Contractors Direct
29 Eastern Steel Road
Milford, CT 6460

Manufacturer - Inquire Through Local Lumberyard
Estwing Profile
Designer and manufacturer of claw hammers, axes, pry bars and related striking tools that are widely used by pros. Still owned by the same family that founded it in 1923, Estwing still manufactures its tools in the U.S.

2647 8th St.
Rockford, IL 61109
815 397-9558

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