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Composite Lumber

Our guide to Composite Lumber offers detailed descriptions of companies such as Boston Cedar & Millwork and EPS Plastic Lumber.

 Composite Lumber - 2 companies:

Retailer - Website Lists Sales Outlets
Boston Cedar & Millwork Profile
Boston Cedar is a major Northeastern distributor of trim, decking, siding and millwork purchased in large quantities from western mills.

Boston Cedar & Millwork
P.O. Box D
Avon, MA 2322

Manufacturer - Sells Direct Through Website
EPS Plastic Lumber Profile
Located near Chicago but shipping its products nationally, offers a large selection of plastic lumber for use in making decks, docks, fencing and such. The company also makes and sells plastic patio and garden furniture, such as picnic tables and benches.

EPS Plastic Lumber
740 Industrial Dr
Cary, IL 60013

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