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Our guide to Dumbwaiters offers detailed descriptions of companies such as Waupaca Elevator Co. and Miller Manufacturing.

 Dumbwaiters - 4 companies:

Manufacturer - Website Lists Sales Outlets
Waupaca Elevator Co. Profile
Waupaca Elevator specializes in the manufacturing of home elevators and dumbwaiters as well as commercial dumbwaiters. It offers stock as well as custom designs.

Waupaca Elevator Co.
1726 N. Ballard Rd.
Appleton, WI 54911

Manufacturer - Website Lists Sales Outlets
Inclinator Co. of America Profile
Creator of seats that can climb stairs on a track, this Pennsylvania company today still makes stair elevators and wheelchair lifts - plus high-end, custom residential elevators and dumbwaiters.

Inclinator Co. of America
2200 Paxton St.
PO Box 1557
Harrisburg, PA 17105

Retailer - Sells Direct Through Website
Homecare Suppliers, LLC Profile
Based in Kansas City, this company offers online sales of dumbwaiters as well as stair lifts, bath lifts, home elevators and other products for people with mobility issues.

Homecare Suppliers, LLC
12520 South Harris Road
Lee's Summit, MO 64086

Manufacturer - Sells Direct Through Website
Miller Manufacturing Profile
Miller is the manufacturer of "silent servant" manually operated dumbwaiters - available in many sizes and with a variety of styles of openings.

Miller Manufacturing
165 Cascade Ct.
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

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