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Our guide to Air Cleaners offers detailed descriptions of companies such as Electrolux and Vornado Air Circulation Systems, Inc..

 Air Cleaners - 11 companies:

Manufacturer - Inquire Through Local Lumberyard
Electrolux Profile
A name synonymous with heavy duty home vacuum cleaners, Electolux also produces refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washers, dishwashers, air conditioners and microwaves.

5956 Sherry Ln., Ste. 1500
Dallas, TX 75225

Manufacturer - Sells Direct Through Website
Honeywell International Inc. Profile
Fortune 100 technology company has a consumer division providing a variety of products from air purifiers to thermostats to vacuum cleaners. Products are widely available in home centers and online.

Honeywell International Inc.
101 Columbia Road
Morristown, NJ 7962

Manufacturer - Inquire Through Local Lumberyard
Continental Fan Manufacturing, Inc. Profile
Manufacturer of ventilation products and replacement parts for exhaust fans. Also wholehouse fans, bathroom exhuast fans and kitchen ventilating fans.

Continental Fan Manufacturing, Inc.
P.O. Box 6189
Sarasota, FL 34236

Manufacturer - Sells Direct Through Website
Vornado Air Circulation Systems, Inc. Profile
Innovators since the 1940s in "vortex action" fans - and today, a maker of stylish fans, heaters, humidifiers, air purifiers. Website offers direct sales of Vornado's products - and also offers a retailer locator.

Vornado Air Circulation Systems, Inc.
415 E. 13th Street
Andover, KS 67002
(800) 234-0604

Retailer - Sells Direct Through Website
Below Cost Appliances Profile
This online retailer sells factory-reconditioned Hunter fans, as well as brand-name food disposers, air cleaners, humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Below Cost Appliances
3535 South Platte River Dr.
Unit N
Englewood, CO 80110
(800) 955-7075

Manufacturer - Website Lists Sales Outlets
Rutland Products Profile
Rutland is a leading maker of maintenance and cleaning products for chimneys, fireplaces, woodstoves and other solid-fuel appliances. Its products range from chimney cleaning brushes to masonry cleaners and high-temperature silicon caulk.

Rutland Products

Manufacturer - Sells Through Website and Physical Store
Oreck Corporation Profile
This New Orleans company orignally made vacuums for the hotel industry. Now its upright vacuum clearns and air cleaners are sold to homeowners.

Oreck Corporation
100 Plantation Road
New Orleans, LA 70123

Airider Sytems Ltd.
Scotland, UK
1 800 401 0599 (US)

American Formulating & Manufacturing
350 West Ash St., Ste. 700
San Diego, CA

Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems
7310 W. Morris St.
Indianapolis, IN 46231
(800) 428-4326

403 West Fourth Street North
PO Box 39
Newton50208-0039, IA 50208-0039

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