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Siding:  Never needs painting

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Never needs painting

Key Features:
  • Pre-finished in factory
  • No face nailing or caulking required
  • Dozens of colors available
  • Full line of trim and cornerboards available
  • About $5 per square foot
  • Pricing as of 2012.
Ask For:
  • NuCedar Solid PVC Clapboards
Learn more about NuCedar Mills, Inc.:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Keeping old clapboards covered in paint can be expensive and frustrating, which is why so many historic homes end up covered in vinyl siding. NuCedar offers despairing homeowners another option in its solid PVC clapboards.

Milled in traditional four-, six- or eight-inch exposures, the pre-painted clapboards install like traditional wood. Vertical joints are locked together from the back, meaning no face nailing or caulking. The clapboards must be installed into specially designed trim and corner boards which come in a variety of profiles. Unlike vinyl siding, these clapboards are solid and installed piece by piece, giving them the look of wood siding.

Available in 22 standard colors and five historic shades, the clapboards can also be custom colored at the factory or painted after installation.

Choose a raised wood grain or smooth finish.

NuCedar also makes a full line of solid PVC trim boards that can be cut on-site so that original mouldings and trim can be preserved. The company also offers vertical siding and shingles that mimic the look of wood.

Plan on spending about $5 per square foot.

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