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Refrigerators:  Fill'er Up

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Fill'er Up

Key Features:
  • External storage drawer with four temperature settings.
  • Fresh food storage, 14.9 cubic feet; freezer, 7.1 cu. ft.; drawer, 3.3 cu. ft.
  • Dimensions with handles and hinges: 32-13/16" wide x 69-3/4" high x 36-1/4" deep.
  • Tier 2 energy star rated.
  • $3,399
  • Pricing as of 2012.
Ask For:
  • RF4267 HARS, 4-door French Door Refrigerator with Flexzone Drawer
Learn more about Samsung:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Full refrigerators run more efficiently than half-empty ones. But time spent with the door open as you search for that elusive bottle of ketchup among containers of mystery left-overs negates any energy savings. This 26-cubic foot French door model from Samsung allows you to cram your fridge full without resorting scavenger hunts to retrieve items.

For starters, the external storage drawer is waist-high convenient for everyone from toddlers to elders. The efficiency starts with the handle, which only needs to be lifted slightly for the drawer to glide open -- a real help to the very young and those with impaired mobility. The 3.5 cubic foot drawer can be set to four different temperatures. During the week, the kids can help themselves to juice boxes and after-school snacks kept at a chilly 33 degrees. A movable divider keeps the kids' stuff separate from other food stored in the drawer. Weekend party? Use the drawer to keep wine chilled at 42 degrees, cheese and fruit platters at 37 degrees, or the steak for the grill at 29 degrees.

A twin cooling system separates the fresh food section from the freezer. That increases humidity in the refrigerator, helping to preserve fresh food; it reduces humidity in the freezer, preventing freezer burn. LED lighting runs cooler than conventional appliance bulbs, helping with energy efficiency.

As you'd expect in a high-end appliance, this refrigerator has the full assortment of fully adjustable glass shelves and humidity controlled storage bins, including a clear pull-out bin the the bottom freezer. Generously sized door bins provide storage for two full gallons of milk and much more.

Perhaps the best thing about this refrigerator is that all this functionality fits into a standard 33 wide space.

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