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Tubs:  Enjoying the Bubbly

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Enjoying the Bubbly

Key Features:
  • One horsepower variable speed blower with 20-minute timer.
  • 76 gallon capacity acrylic air bath with 60 air jets.
  • Requires separate purchase of drain and accessory kits.
  • Dimensions: 71-3/4" x 39-5/8" x 29-1/4"
  • $6,175 MSRP, substantially less from on-line retailers.
  • Pricing as of 2012.
Ask For:
  • Serenity Air Bath
Learn more about Elizabethan Classics:
by Dana Holmes, contributing editor
This freestanding acrylic tub sports classic lines that hide an indulgent modern touch: massaging air jets. A seventy-six gallon capacity and sixty individual air jets mean this tub is ready for some serious soaks.

It's important to note that this is an air bath – not a whirlpool tub. The jets provide a gentle effervescent effect rather than direct pressure (tubs of this style are also commonly called “champagne tubs”). The tub's jets are powered by a one-horsepower variable speed blower and can be set on a twenty-minute timer. Automatic purge and dry cycles keep the jet system running smoothly.

The tub does not have faucet holes. Like most freestanding tubs, it is designed to be used with wall and rim-mount faucets only. Freestanding tub drain kits and plumbing accessory kits are not included and must be purchased from the manufacturer.

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