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Washers:  Topsy-turvy Top-loader

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Topsy-turvy Top-loader

Key Features:
  • Standard model is white; upgrade to black or stainless.
  • Order direct from Ohio factory; machine is delivered curbside.
  • Uses less water, energy and detergent than top load agitator washers.
  • No need for pedestal base.
  • Base model starts at $1,299, plus $250 for crating and curbside delivery.
  • Pricing as of 2012.
Ask For:
  • High Efficiency Top-Load Washer, HXW2304
Learn more about Staber Industries, Inc.:
by Dana Holmes, contributing editor
High-efficiency European style washing machines are growing in popularity because they're gentle on clothes and cut down on bills, but the small front-loading machines don't always cut it for big households. Staber offers a unique alternative: a high capacity, high-efficiency, top-loading washing machine.

It looks like any standard top-loader from the outside, but prepare for a surprise when you open the lid. Now the machine looks more like a front loader turned on its side. That's because the washer's stainless steel drum is connected to a horizontal axis, making a bulky agitator unnecessary. The manufacturer's website has photos and videos explaining the unique washing action, a process that claims to save water, electricity and detergent, resulting in savings of hundreds of dollars a year in washing costs. A more thorough spin and fluff cycle also purports to save drying time. And unlike a front-loader, the washer can be opened during the wash (but not spin) cycle to add forgotten items.

Users comment that at first glance, the drum seems small, but the manufacturer says it can hold 16 standard bath towels or a king-sized down comforter.

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