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Doors:  Easy Slider

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Easy Slider

Key Features:
  • Includes a solid alder door, metal track, and mounting hardware.
  • Door available unfinished, clear-coated, or stained.
  • Door can be up to 5' 6” wide; track up to 23' long.
  • 11 different finish options for metal hardware.
Ask For:
  • Barn Door and Hardware Combo Kit $595 and up
Learn more about Rustica Hardware:
by Dana Holmes, contributing editor
“Your barn door's open” takes on a much more literal (and less embarassing) meaning when Rustica Hardware's barn door kit is installed in your home. The kit includes a solid alder door and metal track mounting hardware designed to replicate the appearance of a sliding barn door. It's a surprisingly versatile look that's equally at home in rustic farmhouse settings and chic modern homes.

A staggering selection of standard and custom options are available for the kit. The door can be anywhere from 1'6” to 5'6” wide and the sliding track, up to 23 feet long. The door is available unfinished, clear-coated, or with several different stain options. There's a plethora of different color options for the metal hardware, from basic flat black and raw steel to premium finishes like oil-rubbed bronze and “weathered rust.”

For those that don't need the entire kit, the manufacturer sells barn doors and barn door hardware separately.

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