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Gas Log Sets:  Fire and Light

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Fire and Light

Key Features:
  • LP or natural gas.
  • Fits most wood-burning masonry or pre-fabricated fireplaces.
  • 44,000 BTUs, direct vent required.
  • Minimum firebox dimensions: 17” high x 31” wide (front) x 19” wide (back) x 15” deep.
  • $1,500 for gas or LP, $300 for optional mirrored firebox panels, $60 each for 60battery pack and remote.
  • Pricing as of 2012.
Ask For:
  • IGL-26 Glass Gas “Log” Set.
Learn more about Stellar Hearth Products:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Raise your hand if you think those ceramic logs for gas fireplaces really look like wood.

The folks at Stellar Hearth Products didn't think so either. So instead of trying to perfect fake logs, the company embraced the reflective quality of ceramic glass to create its dramatic “Glass Gas Log Set.” Try saying that three times fast.

A dozen reflective glass panels interlock like a 3-D puzzle to form a rack of “logs.” Accent lighting on the burner (moonbeam) and front grate (amber) makes the gas flames appear to dance throughout the firebox. Optional mirrored firebox panels can further enhance the light display.

When it's too warm for a fire, you won't be left looking at a black hole. Turn on the accent lights to catch reflections off the edges of the glass logs – instant, cool ambience.

The set fits into most masonry and pre-fab fireplaces and produces up to 44,000 BTUs of heat. Available for either natural gas or propane, the set must be vented directly through a chimney. Professional installation is recommended, but the manufacturer promises the process is straight forward.

Ten pounds of “liquid mercury glass beads” come standard with the set and add to the light and color display. Blue-gray glass pebbles are standard and cover the burner area. Water (clear) and tequila (amber) beads can be added to the floor of the firebox ($100 for 10 pounds of additional beads).

Other add-ons include a battery backup to operate the set without electricity and a remote control for the flame.

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