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Showers:  Steam Clean

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Steam Clean

Key Features:
  • Steam shower with 3 KW steam generator.
  • Cedar paneled Finnish sauna with 2.8-3 KW sauna stove.
  • Built-in surround sound and FM radio.
  • 71" x 47" x 87.4" (External Dimensions)
  • Around $5,000 from various on-line retailers.
  • Pricing as of 2012.
Ask For:
  • Ariel Platinum DS202F3 Steam Shower with Finnish Sauna
Learn more about Ariel:
by Dana Holmes, contributing editor
If you already spend too long in the shower every morning, adding this decadent steam shower and Finnish sauna unit to your bathroom probably won't help matters. It's packed with features that are sure to suck you in and make a quick in-and-out shower impossible. And if you arrive late for work, you'll be very relaxed and very clean.

The shower features a powerful 3 kilowatt generator that quickly fills the unit with steam to relax sore joints and muscles. Wall-mounted “hydro massage” jets shoot pressurized water at targeted areas to provide an acupuncture-inspired massage. Think whirlpool jets, but in the shower.

Assuming you actually need to attend to your basic hygiene, an overhead mounted rain-simulating shower and a handheld wand have you covered. While you're playing with this myriad of aquatic gadgets, an integrated surround sound system can pump in some tunes. Everything is controlled by a centrally located computerized control panel.

After you've thoroughly drenched yourself in the steam shower, a sliding door lets you move right on to the cedar-paneled sauna next door. A built-in 2.8-3 kilowatt sauna stove quickly cranks the temperature up to provide an authentic Finnish sauna experience.

All of this luxury comes at a price – over $5,000 from most retailers – but with everything this baby offers, you might as well sell the house and move in.

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