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Coffee Makers:  Built-in Brewing

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Built-in Brewing

Key Features:
  • 13” depth allows for installation in most standard cabinetry.
  • Brews both espresso and regular coffee.
  • Dispenses one or two cups at a time.
  • Direct water hookup or holding tank.
  • $3,880 MSRP
  • Pricing as of 2011.
Ask For:
  • Café Profi EKVW6600.1
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by Dana Holmes, contributing editor
Reclaim the valuable countertop real estate your coffee maker has been hogging by adding this cabinet mounted espresso maker to your kitchen.

Requiring only a 13” deep cutout, this built-in brewer can be installed seamlessly in almost any standard cabinetry.

Once installed, the all-in-one unit brews both espresso and regular coffee as well as providing hot water and steam. Brewing is fully automatic, but should you want a cappuccino or latte you'll have to froth the milk yourself with the built in steam wand. Timed brewing lets you have a cup waiting when you roll out of bed. A range of programmable settings allows for customization of brew strength, temperature, and cup size, among other things.

The unit can be configured to work with a direct water line or a holding tank. With either water source, a built in filter provides cleaner water for better tasting coffee. Automatic cleaning and decalcification of water lines keeps everything running smoothly. Should deeper cleaning be needed, almost all components of the machine can be easily removed from the front.

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