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Furnaces:  Hassle-free Pellet Burner

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Hassle-free Pellet Burner

Key Features:
  • Wall mounted controls
  • Outside vented
  • 3 blowers available: 1000 cfm 3 speed, 1,450 cfm single speed, 1,638 cfm 4 speed.
  • Bulk automatic feed hopper available.
  • MSRP $5,128
  • Pricing as of 2011.
Ask For:
  • PF 100 Hot Air Pellet Furnace
Learn more about Harman Stove Co.:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
If you love your pellet stove, but loathe your continuing dependence on an oil or gas furnace for central heating, Pennsylvania stove manufacturer Harman has something to offer in its PF 100 hot air pellet furnace.

Widely popular in Europe, central heating systems that use wood pellets are just starting to attract attention in the US.

There's a lot to like about the PF 100, which was first introduced in 2005. It promises hassle-free operation with a thermostat, 160-lb. hopper, dual heat exchangers, automatic ignition, and direct vent installation.

The compact furnace can churn out 112,000 BTUs per hour, enough to heat 3,000 to 6,000 square feet of living space depending on outside temperature, air circulation, and how well your house is insulated.

Fill the hopper with pellets, set the wall mounted control and let the furnace take over. If heat is needed, the furnace automatically lights and maintains a consistent heat. If heating demand drops, the furnace will reduce the fire. If no heat is needed, the furnace will shut itself down and relight automatically when needed.

A low-fuel light on the control panel will blink when it's time to add pellets to the furnace hopper. To automate the process further, you can install an optional bulk feed hopper. The 3' x 3' compact bin holds 1,500 pounds of pellets and automatically feeds the furnace.

If you've already got a hot air system, the furnace can use the existing duct work. In fact, the Harman furnace can be used as a stand alone hot air system or set up to run with your existing hot air furnace. The pellet furnace does not require a chimney, as it uses outside air for combustion.

The ash pan, a plastic bin about the size of a car battery, can hold the ash from two to three tons of pellets before it needs emptying. Since pellets burned in the US and Europe contain only untreated compressed wood, the ash is non-toxic and can be used in the garden, on the lawn, or on slippery walkways.

Other maintenance tasks include annual cleaning of the removable combustion blower, a job that can be done by a homeowner.

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