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Thermostats:  Easy Reader

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Easy Reader

Key Features:
  • 6-square-inch blue, backlit display
  • Non-programmable or 7-day programmable
  • Tri-powered - hardwired, battery or battery assist. Assist
  • Multiple heating and cooling stages.
  • About $100
  • Pricing as of 2011.
Ask For:
  • 1F95EZ-0671 Emerson Blue Easy Reader Thermostat
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by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
With one-inch high numbers on a six-inch square backlit background, Emerson's Easy Reader thermostat was designed with an aging Baby Boomer population in mind.

Nearly as easy to operate as the old mercury-switch thermostats and a lot more accurate, the device can be hardwired, battery powered, or used with battery assist.

In the default manual mode, heat or air conditioning is turned up or down the the touch of one large, soft, control button. Maximum and minimum settings can be locked to prevent someone from accidentally turning the tempeure too high or low.

The thermostat comes with a factory set seven-day cycle, or you can program your own custom settings.

Got a visitor who runs hot or cold? Touch the red up button or blue down button to temporarily adjust the temperature by a couple of degrees. In two hours, the thermostat will return to its programmed settings.

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