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Pest Control:  Lighting the Way

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Lighting the Way

Key Features:
  • Humane pest removal, no poisons.
  • One light covers 900 square feet.
  • Uses about $10 worth of electricity annually.
  • $170
  • Pricing as of 2011.
Ask For:
  • Evictor 10K Strobe
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by Rosemary Thornton, contributing editor
Since humans first took shelter in caves, they've wrestled with keeping varmints out. Eons later, the appropriately named Pest Tools has come up with the “Evictor.”

The plug-in device uses a rapid-pulse strobe to convince unwanted critters that it's time to move out of your attic or crawl space.

The smaller unit covers about 900 square feet of open area. Left on 24/7, it uses just $10 worth of electricity annually.

After two days of disco-like strobe flashes, squirrels, rats and other unwanted guests will vacate your living space, says the manufacturer.


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