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Gas furnaces:  Wall Space (Heater)

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Wall Space (Heater)

Key Features:
  • Weighs 37 pounds.
  • Measures 16" x 26" x 9".
  • 11,000 BTU
  • 120-volt electricity required.
  • About $1,000.
  • Pricing as of 2011.
Ask For:
  • Model ES11, Direct Vent Wall Furnace.
Learn more about Rinnai:
by Rosemary Thornton, contributing editor
Space heater and high efficiency are two phrases not usually found in the same sentence except if you're talking about Rinnai's direct vent wall furnace.

About the size of a piece of carry-on luggage, this 11,000-BTU gas furnace packs enough punch to heat up to two average rooms.

Measured by the strictest real-use standards, the heater has an impressive 80 percent AFUE (Average Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating.

Installation is fairly straightforward, requiring only a 3 inch hole for the outside vent and a 120 volt connection. The 7-stage modulating gas valve enables this compact unit to use the smallest amount of gas possible to provide heat. Available in natural gas or propane.

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