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Wood Stoves:  Old Ironsides

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Old Ironsides

Key Features:
  • Matte black steel with stainless steel handles.
  • Takes 2' logs.
  • Heat output of 14,000 to 45,000 BTUs to heat 1,500 square feet.
  • Measures 25 deep x 60 high x 32-1/2" inches wide.
  • $14,650
  • Pricing as of 2011.
Ask For:
  • The Klassic
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by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
The stout Klassic wood stove was introduced to Americans in 1970 from Denmark, where they know something about cold, long nights. Updated since then, it still retains a distinctive stocky shape and its no-nonsense riveted quarter-inch steel sides.

Modeled after old multi-function European wood stoves, the Klassic is topped by a baking oven, lined with two inches of heat retaining soapstone. The bottom compartment holds enough dry wood to last an evening. In between is an elevated, modern firebox with a large viewing window kept clear by a modern airwash system.

The temperatures in the firebox reach up to 2,000 degrees, with heated air forced over an interior baffle system that ensures a clean, efficient burn and emissions that meet EPA standards.

The Klassic isn't without its designer touches. The double steel doors covering the firebox have inner panels with a star design in bright primary colors. The stoves are made in the US, and the star is a tribute to American steelworkers, says the manufacturer.

Closing vents at the top of the stove diverts heat to the baking oven. Closing the firebox doors increases the oven temperature further. Decorative laser cut openings allow a glimpse of the flames through the closed doors.

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