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Exterior Doors:  Drilling into the Past

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Drilling into the Past

Key Features:
  • All materials for conversion included
  • Wide variety of glass choices
  • Three 5" x 10" frames
  • For standard 36" x 80" doors, custom orders available.
  • $177 to $517, depending on glass options
  • Pricing as of 2011.
Ask For:
  • The Grover Doorlite Kit
Learn more about Crestview Doors:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
In the post WWII building boom the quintessential house in the suburbs was a ranch, and its door probably looked something like the one pictured. But try finding a replacement door if you've got a mid-Century house, even as the “retro” look gains in popularity.

The good news is that if you're handy with a jigsaw and not afraid of a drill, you can restore your house to its atomic glory.

The Grover Doorlite Kit comes complete with three 5” x 10” windows, kiln-dried hardwood frames, screws, dowels, sealant and most importantly, detailed installation and layout instructions for turning a slab door into a period-appropriate door.

This signature door kit, suggested for 1910 to 1959 post-war cottages and ranches, is one of dozens of designs offered Crestview Doors, named and located in the Crestview neighborhood of Austin, Texas.

Diamond, rectangle and square panes of glass are all available in kits named for the streets in the Crestview area.

A young couple's fruitless search for the right door for their 1951 ranch was the inspiration for the company. Their mission? To find a door that would make people pull over and say “Is that the original?” You can judge the success of that quest on their Web site, a treasure trove of customer sumbitted photos of both original doors and those with Crestview Doorlite Kits.

Despite its folksy, friendly, “Happy Days,” feeling, the site takes full advantage of modern technology with detailed diagrams, installation videos, photos and online ordering.

Most kit are made for standard 36” x 80” doors, but you can contact the company for custom sizes.

A three-lite Grover kit ranges from $177 to $517, depending on the style of glass chosen. Supplied frames for kits are poplar. Glass choices include tempered annealed, decorative textured, or for interior doors, decorative resin. Single exterior panes are 1/4” thick, while interior panes are 1/8” thick. A 5/8” double pane exterior kit with an R-2 value is also available as are Low-E, fire-rated and impact-rated.

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