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Bathtubs:  Luxury for Tots

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Luxury for Tots

Key Features:
  • Installs quickly over existing 60" tub, removable with no damage
  • Cast acrylic shell over aluminum frame
  • Built-in hand shower and grab bar
  • 36" tub height
  • $1,800 to $2,200
  • Pricing as of 2011.
Ask For:
  • FunBath
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by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Graphics designed to lure water-fearing tots into the tub are only one of the advantages of American Standard's new FunBaths.

The acrylic shell fits over any existing standard 60-inch bathtub, raising the tub bottom. That makes lifting slippery little bodies into and out of the tub easier on mom's or dad's back. Grab bars at kid friendly heights reduce the chances of slips and falls.

American Standard also boasts that the shell saves "thousands" of gallons of water yearly, but that seems to be reaching a bit for benefits. At up to $2,200 per unit, it would take a lot of baths to realize any monetary savings. And any environmental benefits to saving water would be at the expense of the manufacturing process of acrylic tub.

Nonetheless, the tub is a fun and imaginative entry into the luxury bath market for pint sized consumers. It's also an improvement that can be used by homeowners or renters.

An adjustable aluminum frame and padded self-leveling feet protect the existing tub. The acrylic tub deck and decorative apron front conceal the corrosion resistant frame. A chrome hand shower with on of switch ties into existing plumbing.

When your child outgrows the tub at about age 5, all can be removed with no damage to the existing tub and no new plumbing needed.

The standard kit is a white acrylic shell that can be decorated with removable wall decals in popular children's characters. Decals can be swapped as your child's tastes and obsessions with fantasy characters changes.

For $400 more you can opt for a molded fire truck or princess castle.

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