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Tile:  Vining for You

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Vining for You

Key Features:
  • Tile shown here is 3" x 6", many other sizes and shapes available
  • Hand lined and glazed
  • Made to order
  • Custom colors at no additional cost
  • $46.00 per lineal foot.
  • Pricing as of 2011.
Ask For:
  • DB5004 Deco Border
Learn more about DuQuella:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Looking at the exquisite tile borders from DuQuella it's easy to see why the products are called art tile. Each ceramic piece is like a little masterpiece.

Made by a family-owned tileworks, the pieces are tubelined and hand glazed using old world techniques. Because each tile is made by hand, standard designs like this vine and leaf shown here show interesting variations. Kiln firing also plays a part, affecting intensity of color. Add in slight surface imperfections and bumps and you get a tile with individual character each time.

These imperfections, along with characteristic glaze crazing, are not defects. They do not affect the durability of the tile.

Tubelined tiles should only be used on vertical surfaces, but they don't need to be coddled -- after all, they are the product of 2000 degree kilns. They can be used as kitchen backsplashes, in bathrooms and showers and as fireplace surrounds.

In addition to border tiles, the company makes square tiles, tile sets, accents, murals, house numbers, gift tiles and framed tiles.

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