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Countertops:  Trash to Terrazzo

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Trash to Terrazzo

Key Features:
  • Seamless
  • Heat and stain resistant
  • Largely made of recycled materials
  • Custom colors available
  • Starts at $50 per square foot
  • Pricing as of 2011.
Ask For:
  • EnviroSlab terrazzo countertops
Learn more about EnviroGlas:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
The city of Plano Texas had a problem. Its landfill was inundated with glass bottles that residents dutifully sorted for recycling.

Local entrepreneur Tim Whaley saw opportunity the growing mountain of crushed glass. The recycled glass is now turned into terrazzo countertops.

Glass is crushed and tumbled into usable aggregate right at the city's recycling center. Whaley's EnviroGlas manufacturing plant combines the aggregate with a non-volatile resin to produce jewel-like solid surface EnviroSlabs.

The seamless material is impervious to water and acids and heat resistant. What's more, at $50 a square foot, it compares in price to granite and other synthetic stone surfaces.

The resin binder comes in 22 standard colors and can also be custom colored. Slabs 27 x 84 x 1 can be shipped anywhere in the country.

You'll need a local shop experencied in marble, granite or engineered stone to cut and install your countertops.

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