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Wallpaper:  Practically Victorian

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Practically Victorian

Key Features:
  • Paint or stain and varnish to finish
  • 41" high
  • Four authentic Victorian designs
  • Use with clay-based paste
  • $52 per 23-foot roll
  • Pricing as of 2011.
Ask For:
  • Anaglypta dado paper
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by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Ornate decor defined the high Victorian period, but there was also a practical side to these 19th century homeowners.

Sturdy, washable, but still decorative materials covered high traffic areas like halls and stairwells. For wealthy homeowners the material of choice was tooled leather. Lincrusta, an embossed linoleum, was invented as a lower cost alternative to leather.

This concoction of cork and linseed oil was still too costly for many. So a heavily embossed paper called anaglypta was invented. Like lincrusta, anaglypta could be painted or stained and varnished to approximate leather.

Fast forward a century. Now there's an economical version of anaglypta.

These anaglypta panels are made of inexpensive blown vinyl. Panels come on 23-foot rolls, eliminating the need to deal with individual pieces and speeding up installation.

Affix the paper with heavy-duty, clay-based adhesive. Paint or stain and varnish to make the design details pop and to protect the paper.

Dado paper comes in four designs: gothic, oriental, rococco or neo-classical. Paper is 41 high.

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