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Dishwashers:  The Big Quiet

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The Big Quiet

Key Features:
  • Dimensions: 23-3/4" wide x 24-5/8" deep x 33 7/8" - 34 7/8" high
  • Quiet operation
  • Stainless steel tub and door
  • Hidden control panel
  • About $1,400
  • Pricing as of 2011.
Ask For:
  • Icon Professional Series Dishwasher, Model EDW7505HPS
Learn more about Electrolux:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Electrolux continues to push into the luxury appliance market with its new professional series dishwasher.

Advertised as the quietest in the industry, the dishwasher emits only 45 decibels of sound at full cycle. That's the equivalent of a whispered conversation.

Some nice features round our this stainless steel package.

The inside of the dishwasher is lighted, and a blue light shines onto the floor to indicate a completed cycle. With most dishwashers, the door is either open or closed. This model has a multi-stop door that will stay at whatever angle you leave it. Racks have a dizzying array of configurations to accommodate 180 different dinnerware, utensils, silverware and cookware.

Water feeds directly into the washer, rather than the usual tube feed in the bottom of the tub. This means more water pressure directed at the dishes, a feature Electroxlux says boosts cleaning power.

The control panel is concealed on the top inside of the door, leaving the outside of the door uncluttered.

The dishwasher is part of the manufacturer's Icon series of professional looking appliances.

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