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Reclaimed Flooring:  Jarrah-Fair Dinkum

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Jarrah-Fair Dinkum

Key Features:
  • 3/8" thick wear layer
  • Lenths of 1-1/2 feet to 15 feet
  • 3" wide
  • Plywood substrate
Ask For:
  • Reclaimed Jarrah Fair Dinkum engineered flooring
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by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com

It looks like mahogany from the rain forest, but this flooring is about as environmentally friendly as you can get.

Salvaged from Australian woolen mills, the flooring is a combination of two dense, strong woods: Jarrah and Karri.

To make the limited supply of vintage wood stretch a little further, Pioneer Millworks laminates a thick wear layer onto a formaldehyde- and VOC-free plywood. The plywood itself is domestically produced from sustainably harvested wood, as certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

The result is a beautiful antique floor at a fraction of the price of solid wood flooring. Plus, it has a really cool name Jarrah Fair Dinkum.

The mostly clear wood with infrequent nail holes and knots finishes to a uniform color with limited marks. Flooring boards are 1-1/2- to 15- feet long. Width is 3-inch because of limitations of the raw material.

At 3/16, the wear layer of this company's engineered flooring is up to three times thicker than that of many competing products. It's also one of the few such products that can be purchased unfinished. If you opt for prefinished, all natural oils and waxes will be used. The finish will then be UV cured.

That's not the end of this company's commitment to responsible manufacturing. All electricity used by Pioneer Millworks is wind-generated. Scrap wood powers kilns and heats manufacturing buildings, and off-road equipment runs on biodiesel. All wood used in products from flooring to mantels is either reclaimed or sustainably harvested. Packaging is made from 100 percent post-consumer material and printed with water-based ink. Lastly, all products are sourced and manufactured in the US.

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