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Countertop material:  A Rainbow of Choices

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A Rainbow of Choices

Key Features:
  • 70 colors, plus custom tints
  • Chemical, moisture and scratch resistant
  • Cut and mill with standard woodworking tools
  • Available as sinks, tubs or sheets
  • From $50 a square foot (2009).
  • Pricing as of 2009.
Ask For:
  • Durat Solid Surfacing
Learn more about Durat:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com

Choose one of 70 dazzling colors or go with a slate gray for a new sink or countertop of this solid surface material.

The silky feeling Durat is made from polyester with 30 percent recycled plastic. The recycled plastic is ground into tiny bits, which gives the material its distinctive flecks.

Cast in sheets or as sinks or tubs, Durat is tough enough for commerical use, including restaurants, laboratories and public restrooms. Chemical, moisture and scratch resistant, it also works well in home kitchens and bathrooms.

Color is straight through, so any scratches you do manage can easily be sanded out. Just don't place a pan directly from stove or oven onto Durat, as it can be damaged by heat.

Durat can be cut, milled and sanded with regular woodworking tools. With glue and sanding, sheets can be fabricated into a seamless countertop.

The manufacturer sells a wide variety of sinks, tubs and vanities. Or bring you own creation to life with custom fabrication or coloring.

From $50 a square foot.

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