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Bath Tubs:  Bronze Age

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Bronze Age

Key Features:
  • 66" long x 28-1/2" wide x 21-3/4" to 30-1/2" high
  • Hand burnished solid bronze
  • Weight: 484 pounds, empty
  • 55 gallon tub capacity
  • About $20,000, including crating and curbside shipping. (2009)
  • Pricing as of 2009.
Ask For:
  • Ottoman Imperial Slipper Bronze Tub
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by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Perhaps the ultimate in luxury bathroom fixtures, this slipper tub is cast of solid, hand burnished bronze.

Resting on four massive lion's feet, the tub is formed in one solid piece and measures 66" long. Soak yourself regally in 55 gallons of water while lounging on the sloped backrest.

Caring for the brass can be somewhat of a royal chore if you want to maintain the original lustrous finish. That requires regularly wiping off fingerprints, washing once a week with soap and water, and polishing inside and out with metal cleaner every four weeks. But then if you've just paid $20,000 for a bathtub, chances are you're not the one supplying the elbow grease.

If you don't mind a more rustic darkening of the bronze, you simply need to wash the tub weekly with soap and water. 

The tub weighs 484 pounds empty.  It comes with the drain hole only; overflow hole can be drilled on the job site or before shipment.


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