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Bath Tubs:  Stone Age

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Stone Age

Key Features:
  • 60" long x 36" wide x 22" high
  • 18" deep at drain, no overflow
  • Freestanding tub filler or wall mounted faucet required
  • Granite or marble
  • Prices (including crating and shipping) start at $9,000 (2009).
  • Pricing as of 2009.
Ask For:
  • Augustus Chiseled Stone Tub
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by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Pretend you're one of the Flintstones or a Roman emperor while bathing in this chiseled stone tub.

Carved from a single block of stone, the 60" long tub features a natural rough exterior and a polished rim and interior. Because stone is a work of nature, these tubs all have variations in grain that make each one different.

Shown here in black granite, this tub is also available in blue gray granite or cream colored Egyptian marble.

The polished stone interior and rim are relatively easy to care for. Apply a stone sealer to the tub when it's installed, then polish it a couple times a year. Annual resealing is recommended. In between polishing and sealing, the manufacturer recommends cleaning the tub with water and a few drops of stone polisher.

This probably isn't a tub for an upstairs bathroom, unless you have beefed up floor joists. The tub weighs a hefty 2,000 pounds (empty) and is delivered by truck to your house. The price includes crating and curbside shipping.

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