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Whirlpool Tubs:  Space Saver

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Space Saver

Key Features:
  • 1 HP motor, 1.5 motor $50 extra
  • Standard white, colors $80 extra
  • Minimum water capacity 25 gallons, maximum 45 gallons
  • Tub measures 36" wide x 60" long
  • Whirlpool: $849 Soak: $475
  • Pricing as of 2009.
Ask For:
  • Jester 36 Whirlpool Tub
Learn more about Gulfstream Whirlpool Bath:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Whirlpool wishes, but a budget-sized bathroom? Gulfstream's Jester whirlpool tub is designed to fit into small spaces.

The cast acrylic tub features four whirlpool jets and the same standard 1 horsepower pump as the larger models. At just five feet long and three feet across, it's a full foot shorter and narrower than most whirlpool tubs.

It holds a maximum of 45 gallons of water (25 minimum) and has a switch which allows it to be used as a soaking tub. A slightly larger, 42-inch wide model is also available.

The tub is budget friendly as well with the whirlpool model starting at $849, and the soaking tub at $475. This Georgia company makes the tubs on-site and sells factory-direct, eliminating the costs of showrooms or product placement.

The starting price gets you a basic white tub. Colors are $80 extra. A variety of other add-ons include a 1.5 HP motor for $50, a skirt ($175), an in-line heater ($199) and extra jets ($45). Tubs are shipped nationwide.

The tub and whirlpool motor carry a five-year warranty.

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