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Beadboard:  Hardwood Options

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Hardwood Options

Key Features:
  • Red oak, maple are stain-grade. Poplar/aspen are paint-grade.
  • Base and cap are pre-notched to accept panels.
  • Panels measure 3-1/4" wide x 3/4" thick. Heights range from 28" to 96".
  • Sold in bundles of eight, covering 2'2". 96" bundle covers 1 foot 7-34".
  • Red oak panels range from $25.75 for eight 28" high pieces to $66.95 for a 96" high bundle. Oak base starts at $2.95 per linear foot, cap starts at $2.06 per linear foot (2009).
  • Pricing as of 2009.
Ask For:
  • Red Oak Wainscot panel, base and cap.
Learn more about Tom's Quality Millwork and Hardwoods, Inc.:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Beadboard, that ubiquitous Victorian wall covering, is once again surging in popularity. And while it's easy to find medium density fiberboard or polyurethane pieces, traditional wood beadboard can be hard to come by.

Tom's Quality Millwork sells red oak and maple panels perfect for staining along with the coordinating base and cap pieces. Paint grade poplar is also available.

Panels with interlocking tongue and groove edges are custom milled to length and shipped to your door. The notched base and chair rail are grooved to accept the panels, so installation is a snap.

Nail the pre-notched base to the wall, insert the panel into the pre-notched base and then snap on the chair rail. Finish by nailing through the thickest section of chair rail and your paneling is complete.

Tom's suggests that you stain and finish the panels and trim before installation.

Panels are 3-1/4" wide by 3/8" thick and are sold in eight piece bundles. Caps and bases in two styles are sold separately.

Primarily a wholesaler, the company will accept individual orders online if you can't find a distributor in your area.

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