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Microwave Ovens:  Top Drawer

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Top Drawer

Key Features:
  • 1,000 watt, 1 cu.foot microwave
  • Ceramic electric cooktop with four heating zones.
  • Dimensions: 31-1/2" x 16-3/8" x 26-3/16" (with handle)
  • Electronic LCD controls
  • $1,690 to $1,800 (2009)
  • Pricing as of 2009.
Ask For:
  • Model KB-5121KS Stainless Cooktop + Microwave Drawer. Model KB-5121KW White Cooktop + Microwave Drawer. Model KB-5121KK Black Cooktop + Microwave Drawer.
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by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Range hood/microwaves are great space-savers in a kitchen, but until now weren't very helpful for island mounted cooktops. Sharp's new cook top/microwave drawer comes to the rescue.

Beneath the sleek 30-inch ceramic electric cooktop is a powerful microwave oven that opens like a drawer. The 1000-watt microwave has all the usual cooking and defrosting settings plus an added feature. It can act as a warming drawer for up to 30 minutes.

Front-mounted angled controls handle the cooktop. The microwave is controlled with a lighted glass LCD touch-screen that also displays instructions, cook and defrost times for common foods, and recipes. At one cubic foot, the microwave drawer is large enough to handle a 9-inch by 13-inch oblong dish.

No taking food out to stir or check, simply reach in from the top. The countertop-height microwave with large viewing window is also easier for kids and folks in wheelchairs to use -- no worries about scalding food sliding down from an overhead appliance.

The drawer can also be locked to prevent toddlers from gaining access to the microwave. A button on the control pad opens the drawer automatically. The smooth microwave floor makes for easy clean-ups.

The cooktop hasn't been neglected either. It has one dual-use 6- or 9-inch ribbon heating element, one 8-inch and two 6-inch ribbon heating elements. A 6-inch warming zone in the rear helps the cook juggle multiple dish preparation. Lights indicate a hot surface.

The unit doesn't require additional trim or ventilation, and can also be used in a wet bar or family room.

It's available in black, white and stainless.

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