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Lighting:  Disappearing Act

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Disappearing Act

Key Features:
  • Surface wires are concealed by tape and spackle
  • Available in a variety of styles
  • Does not require access to wiring in walls
  • Wall or ceiling mount
  • $249 for two sconces and installation kit sold as a package (2008).
  • Pricing as of 2008.
Ask For:
  • FlatWire Lighting System
Learn more about FlatWire Technologies:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Here's a wall sconce that can be installed without drilling holes, pulling wires or living with unattractive extension cords.

Wiring for the low-voltage sconce is as thin as a credit card. A special connector joins the wire to a transformer that steps down household current. Hold the wire in place with in place with spray-on adhesive, smooth it out, then tape and spackle it as you would any wall seam. Afterwards it can be primed and painted or papered.

Like magic, the surface wiring disappears into the wall background. That is, if you're skilled with a spackling tool. The manufacturer does note that how well the wire is concealed depends on the skill of the spackler.

Want to redecorate? You can strip wallpaper without harming the flatwire beneath. And if you've done a real, real good job with the spackle, there is a device for detecting the wire under paint or paper.

Since wires don't have to be exposed, the kits can be installed safely by a homeowner, says the manufacturer.

Lights are available in 30 finishes and styles ranging from early 20th century to contemporary.

Sconce kits come with two sconces and 25 feet of wire, but additional wire can be purchased separately. Lights and installation kits can also be purchased separately. Kits include wire, transformer, connector, adhesive and mesh tape.

The company also makes flat wire systems for video, sound and computer systems. Different systems need their own transformers and wiring, but can be plugged into the same outlet.

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