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Plumbing:  Self-cleaning drain trap

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Self-cleaning drain trap

Key Features:
  • Clear plastic construction allows you to see the problem
  • Exterior knob turns to clear clogs
  • Retrieve rings and toys without taking apart the trap
  • For new or existing kitchen and bath sinks
  • Starts at $40 (2008)
  • Pricing as of 2008.
Ask For:
  • PermaFlow Self-cleaning Drain Trap
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by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Toxic drain cleaners and plungers could be a thing of the past with this new self-cleaning trap.

PermaFlow's outside knob controls a flexible rubber paddle that rotates inside the trap to push the debris downstream. The trap is made of clear plastic, allowing you to see the problem -- and its resolution.

Slightly angled to create turbulence, the trap keeps things moving, preventing clogs. Turn the paddle once a week to "sweep" the drain clear. If gunk starts to build up in the bottom of the trap, turn on the water and rotate the paddle a few times. A bypass allows a continuous flow of water to wash away really tough clogs that otherwise might have you reaching for the plunger.

A diamond ring (or child's toy) mistakenly dropped down the drain can be seen and easily retrieved. Turn the water off and rotate the paddle in a clockwise direction to lift the object. Then fish it out through the drain opening.

PermaFlow functions like a regular P-Trap in normal use and is designed for new or existing sinks. Six gaskets protect the seal where the knob enters the trap, ensuring a tight seal under pressure and use tests.

In controlled tests, the drain handled typical kitchen debris from egg shells to grease, and bathroom debris including hair and shaving cream.

While being able to see inside the trap is a selling point, the manufacturer also offers PermaFlow in designer colors for exposed plumbing.

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