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Entry Doors:  An elegant face for your house

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An elegant face for your house

Key Features:
  • Doors can be up to 4' wide and 12' high
  • Recommended woods: fir, white oak, pine and mahogany
  • Transoms and sidelites available
  • Any style from historic to contemporary
  • No price schedule as all work is custom
  • Pricing as of 2008.
Ask For:
  • Custom Exterior Door
Learn more about Harvest Creek Millwork:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Visitors to our 1872 Italianate often remark on the beauty of the double door entry with arched glass panels. Typically they'll say, "Wow, they don't make doors like that anymore."

Well, yes, actually they do.

Custom shop Harvest Creek Millwork will work with you to design an entry door system, either replicating a historic pattern or coming up with a contemporary design.

Exterior doors can be up to four feet wide per door, and up to 12 feet high (in case you own a castle). Sidelites and transoms can be added. While the shop will make doors in any wood, fir, white oak, pine or mahogany are recommended.

Price depends on the project, but expect to pay top dollar for these doors. After all, a hundred years from now, someone may look at your door remark that they don't them like that anymore.

Call the company directly to work out details. Craftsmen can work with everything from architect's drawings to hand drawn sketches.

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