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French Doors:  Protective coating helps wood stand up to weather

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Protective coating helps wood stand up to weather

Key Features:
  • Covered by a five-year warranty
  • Resin overlay protects exterior wood
  • Factory primed and ready for paint
  • Variety of wood species available
  • Comparable to other wooden patio doors
  • Pricing as of 2008.
Ask For:
  • Water Barrier French Door
Learn more about Simpson Door Company:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Think of Simpson's new Water Barrier as a rain slicker for your wooden door.

Using a technology originally developed to allow traffic signs to hold up to the elements, the manufacturer has created a medium density overlay (MDO) for wooden patio doors.

Plywood is sandwiched between layers of resin treated fiber. A polyvinyl glazing bead forms a tight seal between the glass and the overlay. The end result is a natural wood door with a smooth, paintable exterior.

The MDO makes the door resistant to both moisture and insects. The wood is further protected by a composite block in the bottom of the stiles, where water infiltration might otherwise cause problems.

Available in one double and five single styles, the Water Barrier doors come factory primed with a heat set acrylic latex. The exterior can be painted with any water or alkyd based exterior paint. Choose from a variety of wood species for the interior.

Simpson hasn't released a price on the new doors, but suggests that they are a less expensive alternative to aluminum or fiberglass clad doors.

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