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Coal stoves:  Easy burner

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Easy burner

Key Features:
  • 38" high x 27" wide x 31" deep (including hopper)
  • Hopper capacity: 110 lbs.
  • Direct vent, no chimney required
  • Automated stoker, themostatic control
  • About $2,400 (2008)
  • Pricing as of 2008.
Ask For:
  • Pioneer LE Top Vent Coal Stove
Learn more about Leisure Line Stove Company:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Leisure Line's automatic stoker coal stoves make it easy for modern homeowners to burn an ancient fuel.

Stoker stoves, like the top-selling Pioneer LE Top Vent, eliminate some of the drawbacks of this readily available fossil fuel.

Coal burns hot, producing ashes that must be shaken off regularly to keep the fire burning. This process, known as stoking or shaking down, is a familiar twice- or three-times- daily ritual for those who burning coal. Leisure Line automates the process. Simply pour coal in the hopper and let the thermostat operate the stove. No need to shake the coal grates or open the stove to manually rake the coals.

Clinkers, those hardened chunks of metallic impurities that can clog up coal grates, are also eliminated, according to Leisure Line. Even wet coals aren't a problem, thanks to a feed system that creates more air pockets, the company says.

The thermostat that controls the heat output also works the convection fan. That's a huge advantage over manually stoked coal stoves which often burn hot or not at all. The LE can be used to take a chill off of a room on a cool day or stoked up to heat a 2,000 square foot house on the coldest winter day. The fan can be set to circulate 35 to 265 cubic feet per minute. The thermostat comes standard with day and night set-backs as well as a complete temperature control.

Hard anthracite coal used for home heating produces a hot, relatively dust-free fire. The LE uses the smallest grade of stove coal, rice. Hopper capacity is 110 lbs.

The LE can be direct vented, top or back, without a chimney. Brass handles and ornamental top, are standard. Options include a digital thermostat and domestic hot water coil.

Coal gets less attention than wood or wood pellets as Americans look to solid fuels to reduce their dependence on foreign oil. But Leisure Line points out that while coal is a fossil fuel, it is domestically produced, as are all of the company's stoves.

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