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Paving Stones:  What's old is new

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What's old is new

Key Features:
  • Tile shoulder height is 1" with either middle height of 1-1/8" or 1-3/8"
  • Square tiles range from 6-1/8" to 12-3/8"
  • Rectangles are 6-1/8" x 9-1/4" to 12-3/8" x 18-5/8"
  • Sold in pallets of nine sizes and four colors only
  • $19 per square foot
  • Pricing as of 2008.
Ask For:
  • SoftStone pavers
Learn more about Sonoma Cast Stone:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
The look of centuries-old stone pavers is replicated in concrete with these SoftStone pavers. The concrete stones come in four natural colors and nine sizes to simulate the variations in natural paving stone.

With gently curved tops, the pavers have a soft, worn look. Pavers are not damaged by freezing and can be used indoors or outside.

Tiles are sold in pallets of all nine sizes and one of two color groupings. Custom colors are an option.

For pedestrian traffic only, the tiles can be installed over a sand or concrete substrate. Pavers must be installed over concrete if the pathway will be used by vehicles.

The pavers are classic concrete which is porous and will stain and change color. To minimize staining, the tiles can be sealed by when they are installed.

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