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Synthetic Slate Roofing:  Rubber and plastic meet nature

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Rubber and plastic meet nature

Key Features:
  • Can be nailed by hand or with a nail gun
  • Can be combined with 12" tiles
  • Impact, UV and wind resistant
  • 50-year transferable warranty
  • Expect to pay about half what a real slate roof would cost installed
  • Pricing as of 2008.
Ask For:
  • 10" Majestic Slate roofing tiles
Learn more about EcoStar, Inc.:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
Part of the visual delight of a slate roof is variations in color, texture and size of the tiles. EcoStar's line of synthetic slate gets closer to the real thing with its 10" Majestic Slate tiles, an addition to its standard 12" tiles.

Available in nine natural colors, the 10" tiles can be combined with the standard size tiles to create a designer rooftop. Like its larger sibling, the 10-inch tile is made of 80 percent post-industrial recycled rubber and plastic.

The tiles are resistant to hail, driven rain and high winds and are covered by a 50-year transferable warranty. Flexible and about a quarter of the weight of real slate, the tiles can be installed with stainless steel 1-1/2" ring shank roofing nails by hand or with the aid of a nailgun.

In terms of materials and installation, synthetic slate roughly half is roughly half the cost of real slate and about three times the cost of 30-year asphalt shingles.

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