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Ridge Vents:  Over the top

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Over the top

Key Features:
  • 20' by 10-1/2" rolls
  • Pre-marked nail lines
  • Lightweight, impact resistant
  • 50-year warranty
Ask For:
  • EcoVent
Learn more about EcoStar, Inc.:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
A continuous tile-over ridge vent that's easy to install and nearly invisible is EcoStar's latest product in its steep-roof products line.

Sold in 20 foot rolls, the 10.5-inch-wide ridge vent will reduce your colling costs and extend your roof's life, while acting as a barrier to rain, snow and ice, according to EcoStar.

Relatively light weight, the rolled venting has visible nail lines making installation easier. It comes with its own stainless roofing nails. Designed to sit under hip and ridge tiles, the rolled vent is less visible than fans and other high profile roof vent systems.

Compression resistant and breathable, EcoVent won't dent, crack or split during installation. It's covered by a 50-year warranty.

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