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Locksets:  Who needs a locksmith?

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Who needs a locksmith?

Key Features:
  • Lock can be rekeyed by the homeowner on site
  • Available as a deadbolt, knob, handleset or lever
  • Available in six finishes
  • Can be used to to match all the keyed locks in your house
  • Prices range from $30 for a deadbolt set to $120 for a handleset lock. Additional keys are $1.70 a piece or six for $10.
  • Pricing as of 2008.
Ask For:
  • SmartKey Lockset
Learn more about Kwikset:
by Deborah Holmes, Ebricks.com
It seemed like a good idea to give your house key to your a) friend b) relative c) house cleaner. Now you no longer want them to have the keys to your kingdom. You could spend $50 or more to change your deadbolt, but if you had Kwikset's new SmartKey system you could solve the problem right at your door in less than a minute.

A homeowner can re-key a SmartKey lock without removing the lockset. The process, according to the manufacturer, can be done "easily and in less than 30 seconds." Besides the SmartKey deadbolt, all you need are a functioning key, the specially shaped "learn tool" provided with the lockset, and the ability to follow some instructions.

The "learn tool" rekeys the lock's unique side-locking bar. This locking mechanism eliminates pins and tumblers which are the most vulnerable points in traditional deadbolts. SmartKey locks also feature improved resistance to drills and "lock bumping," an increasily popular method of home break-ins.

The rekeying process is three steps:

  • 1) Insert the functioning key in the lock and turn clockwise.
  • 2) Insert the rekeying tool into the slot above the key to reset the lock mechanism, then reremove the tool and key.
  • 3) Insert the new key and turn it counterclockwise.

Kwikset's website has a full page of instructions and trouble shooting tips. If you really mess up and the lock will not turn in either direction, there are instructions on how to remove the tumbler and bring it to a locksmith for rekeying with a special cradle not available to the general public.

The lockset comes with two keys and the rekeying tool. Additional keys are available for a few dollars.

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