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A well-known maker of wood, pellet, coal, gas and corn stoves, plus fireplace inserts and hot-air furnaces. Website includes detailed specs and other info each product in the company's lineup.

Harman Stove Co.
352 Mountain House Road
Halifax, PA 17032

 See these Harman Stove Co. product stories:

From Harman Stove Co.: Harman celebrates 25 years of stove building with a whisper quiet pellet burner.

Plenty of Power
From Harman Stove Co.: Manual ignition pellet stove is designed to fit tight spaces.
Solid Player
From Harman Stove Co.: A mid-sized pellet stove with an optional battery backup.
Slim and Powerful
From Harman Stove Co.: This powerful pellet burner offers a slim profile.
Still Burning for You
From Harman Stove Co.: The P61 gets some upgrades to make it fully automatic.
Low Maintenance
From Harman Stove Co.: Burn up to a ton of pellets before emptying this stove's ash pan.
Low Roller
From Harman Stove Co.: A fireplace insert that rolls out for servicing.

Hassle-free Pellet Burner
From Harman Stove Co.: Automated hot air furnace uses wood pellets to provide central heat.
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