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Chimney Restoration Systems, Inc. Profile
Installers of lining systems for old masonry chimneys. An inflatable rubber former is inserted into the chimney and held in place by spacers. Then an insulated concrete is pumped around the form. The mix hardens into a flue.

Chimney Restoration Systems, Inc.
2601 Cambridge Beltway
Cambridge, MD 21613

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Moderustic Aquatic Glassel Profile
Inventors and sellers of decorative fireplace glass -- essentially glass pebbles in a variety of colors that can replace ceramic logs in gas fireplaces.

Moderustic Aquatic Glassel
9467 9th street #D
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

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SpitJack Profile
If you're wondering how to cook a whole hog, Spitjack has the answer. The company specializes in fire and food, with rotisseries and grills for outdoors, fireplaces and campsites.

1 Oak Hill Road
Worcester, MA 1609

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Isokern / Earthcore Industries Profile
Based in Denmark, Isokern produces chimneys, chimney systems, fire boxes and fireplaces using Icelandic volcanic pumice stone

Isokern / Earthcore Industries
8917 Western Way
Ste. 120
Jacksonville, FL 32256

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Homefires Profile
Exclusive American distributor of British Real Flame gas-fueled firebaskets. Available in brass and cast iron, these firebaskets were developed as a fashionable alternative to open wood and coal fires, which were banned in London in the 1960s.

PO Box 11313
Charlotte, NC 28220

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Belden Brick Sales & Services, Inc. Profile
Distributor of architectural bricks, pavers and other masonry products.

Belden Brick Sales & Services, Inc.
386 Park Avenue
South New York, NY 10016

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Buckley Rumford Fireplace Co Profile
Operated by well-known Rumford fireplace specialist Jim Buckley, this site dispenses knowledge about Rumford fireplaces - and also sells a variety of hard-to-find, Rumford-specific products ranging from doors and screens to soapstone fireboxes and fireplace cranes.

Buckley Rumford Fireplace Co
1035 Monroe Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368
360 385 9974

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Chimney Cap Design Profile
Online retailer sells chimney caps in stainless steel and copper in many designs and styles, including custom.

Chimney Cap Design
11644 SE Hazel Hill Rd
Clackamas, OR 97015

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Chimney Pot Shoppe Profile
Supplies terra cotta chimney pots from major manufacturers, as well as antique and custom products.

Chimney Pot Shoppe
1915 Brush Run Road
Avella, PA 15312

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Enterprise Fawcett Limited Profile
This Canadian foundry manufacturers heirloom cookstoves that burn wood, coal and oil.

Enterprise Fawcett Limited
73 Lorne Street
Sackville E4L 4A2
1 (506) 536-1160

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Supaflu Chimney Systems Profile
This is the American cousin of an English chimney lining and restoration system. To line a chimney, the company inserts an inflatable rubber tube down the chimney - and then pumps a masonry lining material around this form.

Supaflu Chimney Systems
15 Holly Street
P.O. Box 2350
Scarborough, ME 4070

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Rutland Products Profile
Rutland is a leading maker of maintenance and cleaning products for chimneys, fireplaces, woodstoves and other solid-fuel appliances. Its products range from chimney cleaning brushes to masonry cleaners and high-temperature silicon caulk.

Rutland Products

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ExtendaFlue Profile
A full line of lightweight chimney pots, chimney caps, chimney toppers and other enhancements that are designed to be easier to install than traditional clay chimney pots.

8 Golden Circle
Southampton, MA 1073

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Empire Comfort Systems Profile
In business since 1932, Empire today makes vent-free gas heaters, a complete line of gas-fired log sets and gas fireplaces, plus Broilmaster gas grills.

Empire Comfort Systems
918 Freeburg Av.
Belleville, IL 62220

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Dansons Group Inc. Profile
This Canadian company makes Glow Boy and Pelpro wood pellet stoves, plus shop heaters and backyard grills that use wood pellets for fuel. It's a full-line company ... also making and selling wood pellets themselves.

Dansons Group Inc.
26319 Twp 531
Acheson, AB T7X5A3
877 303 3134

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French Ceramic Regnier's Workshop Profile
This French company designs and makes hand-made, hand-painted, signed and numbered ceramic tile fireplaces that can be used with coal, gas or wood. (And yes, they're as nice to look at as they sound.)

French Ceramic Regnier's Workshop
30 Rue du Rossignol
Desvres, North, FR 62240
+33 (0)3 21 30 30 90

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Woodland Direct, Inc. Profile
This online retailer sells a diverse line of wood and gas stoves; chimney caps and liners; fireplaces along with mantels, doors, screens; and most other items you'd associate with a traditional bricks-and-mortar hearth store.

Woodland Direct, Inc.
PO Box 87097
Canton, MI 48187

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The Fireplace and Chimney Store Profile
Online retailer of wood stoves, gas fireplaces, chimineas, gas logs, chimney caps, glass door sets and related products.

The Fireplace and Chimney Store
1831 Edna Drive
Vicksburg, MS 39180

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Solid/Flue Chimney Systems, Inc. Profile
Manufacturer and distributor of a chimney lining system that uses an inflatable rubber form, around which a lightweight insulated concrete is poured.

Solid/Flue Chimney Systems, Inc.
4937 Starr Street, SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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The American Craftsman Corporation Profile
Custom, hand-made copper cupolas, chimney caps, gutters, roof vents, roof finials and related products.

The American Craftsman Corporation
P.O. Box 471408
Tulsa, OK 74147
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