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Manufacturer - Sells Direct Through Website
Tile By Design Profile
Decorative art tile murals in stock and custom designs for kitchens, baths and other rooms settings. For do-it-yourselfers, the company ships numbered picture templates with each ceramic tile mural to aid with installation.

Tile By Design
13611 Puff Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46845

Manufacturer - Sells Direct Through Website
Jerusalem Pottery Profile
Since 1922, these Armenian tile makers have offered ceramic art, individually hand painted tiles, kitchen and bathroom wall tiles, tile murals, trivets and whimsical Bible story tiles.

Jerusalem Pottery
15 Via Dolorosa
P.O.Box 19280
Jerusalem, Israel 91192

Manufacturer - Sells Direct Through Website
Deco Art Tile Profile
Hand crafted ceramic and tumbled marble tile murals and decorative accents for backsplashes, tub or shower surrounds, swimming pools, tabletops or other tile projects.

Deco Art Tile
605 Virginia Woods Lane
Orlando, FL 32824

Armenian Ceramic Tiles & Murals by Balian
14 Nablus Rd
Jerusalem, Israel 97200

WarmlyYours.com Inc.
21699 North Pine Grove
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

interstyle ceramic & glass
3625 Brighton Ave.
Burnaby, BC V5A 3H5
604-421 7229

Original Features, Ltd.
155 Tottenham Lane
Crouch End
London, UK N8 9BT
020 8 348 5155
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