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Green and Easy
From WE Cork, Inc.: Floating cork floor planks combine beauty and durability.
Flooring that's a Snap
From Expanko: Cork planks offer glueless installation.
Not Your Grandma's Flooring
From Forbo Linoleum: Popular linoleum flooring now comes in snap together planks and tiles.
Jarrah-Fair Dinkum
From Pioneer Millworks: Exotic flooring is a combination of reclaimed and engineered.
Making Antiques Last
From Krantz Recovered Woods: Antique boards meet modern engineering to produce this plank floor.
Vintage Engineering
From EcoTimber: Rustic engineered oak flooring has a vintage look.
Old and New
From Krantz Recovered Woods: Stretching reclaimed wood a little farther.
Elm, without the high price
From Wilsonart International: Wilsonart's "Stunning Elm" pattern offers an affordable alternative.

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