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Black Beauty
From Hearthstone Stoves: Wood cookstove features modern conveniences.
Share the Heat
From Condar: Telescoping duct helps distribute heat from wood stove to other rooms.
Dual Fuel
From Elmira Stove Works: Add-on propane burners make this wood cook stove dual fuel.
Hear Me Roar
From Jotul: Small wood stove is a big seller.
Water and Fire
From Max Blank: Enjoy a waterfall and a crackling fire, all in your house.
Pretty Baby
From Morso US, LLC: Under 16" wide, wood stove really churns out the heat.
Half Kettle, Half Gallon
From Condar: Half-kettle is designed to fit on wood stove inserts.
Soapstone Lite
From Tulikivi U.S. Inc.: A smaller, lighter version of a Finnish soapstone fireplace.
The Basic Package
From Vermont Castings: A small non-catalytic wood stove gets the job done.
Fire Safety
From Love-less Ash Company: Metal vacuum is built to handle ashes.
Barrel Kit
From Vogelzang International: Turn a barrel into a stove with this kit.
Heat Squeeze
From Vogelzang International: Add-on heat exchanger makes wood stoves more efficient.
Warmth With A View
From Osburn: High-efficiency wood stove can heat up to 2,700 square feet.
User Friendly
From Regency Fireplace Products: Insert increases fireplace efficiency without adding to maintenance chores.
Heating Help
From Vogelzang International: A coal/wood furnace boosts efficiency of existing central heating systems.
From Vermont Castings: This wood stove can switch between a catalytic and non-catalytic burn in under a minute.
Even Heat
From Bear Mountain Design: Thermostat add-on helps even out heat in homes using wood or pellet stoves.
Double Fires
From Wittus: It's not an optical illusion -- flames burn up and down in this fireplace.
From Wittus: Soapstone radiates warmth, fans heat by convection in this large wood stove.
Shaker Style
From Wittus: Side loading stove offers style, seating, and a sizzling good view.

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