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Soapstone Sided
From Hearthstone Stoves: Soapstone panels and enamel detailing put a pretty face on an efficient pellet stove.
Share the Heat
From Condar: Telescoping duct helps distribute heat from wood stove to other rooms.
Solid Player
From Harman Stove Co.: A mid-sized pellet stove with an optional battery backup.
Plenty of Power
From Harman Stove Co.: Manual ignition pellet stove is designed to fit tight spaces.
Low Roller
From Harman Stove Co.: A fireplace insert that rolls out for servicing.
Still Burning for You
From Harman Stove Co.: The P61 gets some upgrades to make it fully automatic.
Slim and Powerful
From Harman Stove Co.: This powerful pellet burner offers a slim profile.
Low Maintenance
From Harman Stove Co.: Burn up to a ton of pellets before emptying this stove's ash pan.
Not a Fussy Eater
From Quarda-Fire: Versatile stove will burn fuels from sunflower seeds to wheat to wood pellets.
From Harman Stove Co.: Harman celebrates 25 years of stove building with a whisper quiet pellet burner.
Phone Home for Fire
From Ecoteck: This high-tech pellet stove can be controlled by satellite phone.
Fire Safety
From Love-less Ash Company: Metal vacuum is built to handle ashes.
Even Heat
From Bear Mountain Design: Thermostat add-on helps even out heat in homes using wood or pellet stoves.
Small size, big features
From Quadra-Fire: A compact pellet insert with full-sized features.
Multi-fuel, Easy Operator
From Quadra-Fire: Smart in look and operation, this insert burns a variety of fuels.
An insert with intricate cast iron detailing
From Quadra-Fire: With its cast iron detailing, this pellet stove insert offers traditional elegance
Form and Function
From Wittus: The pellet stove emerges as a design element in the Toba.
Whole House Heat
From Drolet: Heat a room or a whole house with this high efficiency pellet stove.
Window Wonder
From United States Stove Company: How cool is this? A window-model pellet stove.
Solid and affordable heat
From England's Stove Works: This pellet stove from Englander is rugged and dependable - and it's affordable too.

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