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  Fireplace Inserts Product Stories:

Low Roller
From Harman Stove Co.: A fireplace insert that rolls out for servicing.
Dressed Out
From Pennsylvania Firebacks: Dress up a fireplace and increase efficiency.
User Friendly
From Regency Fireplace Products: Insert increases fireplace efficiency without adding to maintenance chores.
Controlled Beauty
From Lennox Hearth Products: Get fire at the flick of a switch with this gas insert.
Smooth Operator
From Avalon: Sleek styling and simple operation with this wood-burning fireplace insert.
Small size, big features
From Quadra-Fire: A compact pellet insert with full-sized features.
Multi-fuel, Easy Operator
From Quadra-Fire: Smart in look and operation, this insert burns a variety of fuels.
An insert with intricate cast iron detailing
From Quadra-Fire: With its cast iron detailing, this pellet stove insert offers traditional elegance
A thermostat controls the heat output
From Alaska Stove Company: This wood stove burns for up to 10 hours, and a thermostat controls the heat output

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