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Spice It Up
From DuPont Surfaces: New Corian collection spices up the kitchen.
Crud-free Zone
From Cosentino: A sink and countertop in one, smooth seam-free piece.
Green and Brown and Hard All Over
From Teragren: Bamboo as an alternative to hardwood butcher block.
Surface Triage
From Vance Industries: A retro-fit built-in glass countertop cutting board.
Earth and Fire
From Pyrolave: From the volcano to your kitchen, a countertop that is tough and beautiful.
Trash to Terrazzo
From EnviroGlas: Jewel-like terrazzo countertops produces from recycled glass.
Glass Act
From Curava: Recycled glass and concrete make for a countertop as tough as natural stone.
One of a Kind
From Tiger Mountain Stone: Recycled paper and glass form a durable countertop.
Oiled Black Walnut
From John Boos & Co.: Black Walnut gives a new look to butcher block.
Concrete tiles for your kitchen
From Sonoma Cast Stone: Stain-proof concrete tiles can be installed by a do-it-yourselfer.
A clean choice
From Vermont Soapstone: Soapstone countertops are durable, distinctive.
Rock of ages
From Sheldon Slate: Durable slate makes a beautiful, distinctive countertop.
Rock, paper, counter
From Richlite: Composite countertop is made from paper and resin.
Zinc makes a comeback
From Soupcan, Inc.: Try zinc for a durable, distinctive countertop.
Once a soda can
From Eleek, Inc.: Stone-look tiles made of recycled aluminum can be used indoors or out.
Counter Intelligence
From Kliptech: A composite countertop a do-it-yourselfer can get his hands on

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