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Dual-flush Retrofit
From One2Products: DIY kit turns a standard toilet into a water saving dual-flush model.
High Tank
From Sunrise Specialty: A classic high tank toilet updated to modern standards.
High Tech Throne
From Kohler: A technology packed toilet for the luxury market.
From Neo-Metro: Everything including the bathroom sink in this unit.
Streamline Action
From Wasauna: The sleek lines of the Ranon toilet set it apart from standard bathroom fare.
Water and Price Thrifty
From Home Depot: A high efficiency toilet at an affordable price.
Smart Savings
From Caroma USA, Inc.: Caroma's Sydney Smart Toilet takes water conservation to the next level.
Flush With Acceleration
From American Standard: American Standard's Champion 4 toilet is up to tough flushing tasks.
Most Popular Seat in the House
From Toto USA, Inc.: High-tech combines with high comfort in this toilet with heated seat, warm water cleansing jets and an air drier.
Where's the Handle?
From Toto USA, Inc.: The lack of a flush handle is the first thing you might notice on the Aquia toilet from Toto.

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