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Heat Minus the Hiss
From Firesense: Hanging patio heater operates silently and efficiently.
Harvesting Liquid Sunshine
From Koolatron: Few things in life are free, but rainwater is still one of them.
Masterful Metal
From HouseArt: An artful mailbox for your home
Form and function
From Rejuvenation, Inc.: A vintage looking mailbox in a modern size.
Good looking and green
From Belgard Hardscapes: A permeable paver block for home driveways and patios
What's old is new
From Sonoma Cast Stone: Concrete pavers give the look of aged stone.
Zero Proof
From Kentucky Barrels, LLC: Recycled bourbon barrels now store rainwater.
Move Over Vinyl
From Trex: Here's a composite fence that looks like wood, wears like vinyl.
Keeping Dinner Warm
From Dimplex North America, Ltd.: Umbrella patio heater extends the outdoor dining season.
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